EFC Business Account

The EFC Business Account is a transaction account to all registered businesses.The account allows you to safely manage your money and makes easy payments and withdrawals. Convenient account access, deposits and withdrawal.
The EFC Business Account puts you in control of your money. The EFC Business Account provides your business with an easy overview of all your business transactions.



  • Affordable opening and maintenance cost;
  • Access to deposit and withdraw nationwide;
  • Gives you access to business loan facility;
  • Access to use EFC ATM cardsupported by the nationwide ATM network of EFC and the Umoja switch network. Anytime, anyplace;
  • EFC mobile that enables you to pay utilitities such as electricity,water,TV subscription and other services (under construction);
  • Access to EFC agent points for services instead of visiting a branch (under construction);

Eligibility Criteria

  • The business account can be opened by individuals or any registered businesses;
  • Signatory ID(passport, driving-licenses, voters-card, national id);
  • 2 passport photographs of authorized signatories;
  • An opening balance of TZS 50,000;
  • The minimum age for applicants is 18 years;
  • Residential proof (letter from local authorities or bill utilities).
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