EFC Home Improvement Loan

EFC Tanzania understands a home is the most important personal asset a person will acquire during their lifetime and that keeping a house in good condition through regular maintenance, upgrades and improvements ensures its appreciation in value over time. The EFC Home Improvement Loan (HIL) is therefore available to entrepreneurs and salaried employees who own a finished or partially finished residence to help them realize their home improvement dreams and to grow the value of their investment.



  • Minimum Loan Amount starting from TZS 3,000,000/=;
  • Repayment period of 6-36 months;
  • Affordable monthly interest rate calculated on a reducing balance;
  • Broad range of financing amounts;
  • Immediate liquidity injection;
  • A payment history is created, which serves as support for future transactions.

Eligibility Criteria

The borrower must:
  • Be an individual entrepreneur or merchant, or other legal entity engaged in income-generating activities;
  • Be an employee of an approved company by EFC;
  • Have an EFC Personal account or EFC Business Account;
  • Have at least 6 months experience in the same business;
  • Be able to demonstrate competence and expertise in a particular business sector;
  • Demonstrate capability of operating a business profitably;
  • Have a guarantor;
  • Have collateral (e.g. business equipment, vehicle house or land).
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